StoGuard Fully Adhered Waterproof Air and Moisture Barrier is the Next Generation of Housewrap

StoGuard® membrane is an air and moisture barrier that limits air infiltration and helps to prevent water ingress into the building. Since it is fully adhered, there are no leaks from staples, seams, tears or other penetrations that frequently happen with housewrap.

Rather than wrapping the house in building paper, StoGuard is rolled or sprayed on, bonding it to the sheathing for a more energy efficient and durable wall assembly.

StoGuard® is a fully adhered vapor permeable membrane that can be used under a variety of exterior claddings including vinyl, fiber cement, brick, stucco, stone and metal panels to provide a truly effective air and moisture barrier that is superior to housewrap.

That’s why we call it Housewrap 2.0.

The StoGuard air and moisture barrier is comprised of two easy to install elements that can be installed by a single trade at the same time.


Apply StoGuard EmeraldCoat to all vertical and horizontal seams in the sheathing as well as rough openings. StoGuard can either be roller or spray applied using standard airless sprayers. Cover the seams and openings with easy to install StoGuard Fabric, and RediCorner or StoGuard Rapid Fill and RapidSeal. Then, cover these with Sto EmeraldCoat®.


Simply roll or spray Sto EmeraldCoat over the rest of the wall surface. Sto EmeraldCoat can be used on gypsum and wood based sheathings as well as CMU.