Energy Efficiency is More than Insulation

If you want your new home to be energy efficient, you have to look beyond the amount of insulation.

Up to 40% of heating and cooling energy is lost through air leakage.* Insulation does not control air leakage.

To reduce energy loss, you have to build a tight house. You have to make sure your home is caulked around windows, doors and other openings. Additionally, the house needs to have an air and moisture barrier installed under the exterior siding or brick.

Most builders use housewrap for this important part of the construction. It’s important because once a wall is completed, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to repair any installation errors inside the wall. These errors can lead to energy-wasting drafts and moisture problems, such as mold.

Housewrap meets most building codes but it can still have problems, as it sometimes has openings from improper installation that can allow air and moisture to enter the walls. StoGuard is one of those products that goes beyond what most codes require for the control of air and moisture in the building envelope.

If you want a higher level of protection from future air and moisture infiltration problems, ask your builder about using StoGuard fully adhered membranes instead of housewrap.

*US DOE 2008 Building Energy Data Book Section 1.1.1 2008