Build Better Homes. Sell More Homes.

The homebuilding business is more competitive than ever. One of the best ways for you to succeed is to differentiate yourself.

It’s hard to differentiate yourself today.

Today’s homebuyers expect so many of the same features in a home that it is hard for builders to differentiate themselves.

The hidden details can differentiate you.

Over the years, most builders have learned a number of details that they feel make their homes better. They are not things they have to do; they are often hidden details that make their homes better.

Unfortunately, some builders take the attitude of “if you can’t see it, it doesn’t matter.” Departing from this creates an opportunity for builders to differentiate themselves from the rest.

As a home is the largest investment most people will make, they want to buy the best home, and details make the difference. Any builder can have granite countertops but only a few go beyond the code to build a better home.

“I want this builder to build my home.”

A builder’s goal shouldn’t be to sell a particular house, it should be to make the homebuyer say, “I want this builder to build my home.” You get this result by being the builder they feel will build the best home. Using StoGuard is one of those details that can set a builder apart from the others by showing the homebuyer that they want to make sure their home is energy-efficient and doesn’t have air quality or moisture problems.