Building Green

Designing and building homes that are environmentally friendly today is an ever-changing challenge. It used to be as simple as adding more insulation and using better windows.

Now, you have to consider the orientation of the house on the lot, HVAC sizing and control systems, high performance windows, ventilation, new materials, solar and more. And that’s just to keep up with codes.

The latest codes are paying more attention to the building envelope with continuous insulation. There is also growing interest in the need to improve the control of airflow and moisture beyond what is expected today.

Builders and architects who are truly committed to building the most energy-efficient homes go beyond what codes require, as they aren’t satisfied with good enough. They want every home they build to be more energy efficient than the last one.

Up to 40% of heating and cooling energy is lost through air leakage.*

StoGuard is one of those products that goes beyond what most codes require for the control of air and moisture in the building envelope. If you are one of those architects or builders who is truly committed to building the most energy-efficient home possible, you should consider how upgrading from housewrap to StoGuard can improve the performance of the homes you build.

*US DOE 2008 Building Energy Data Book Section 1.1.1 2008